The Unconventional Glam Music of SMOMA

“It’s not your situation, I just need contemplation over you”

Part of SMOMA – “Georgy Porgy” Lyric

What came across to your mind when Jazz Music is mentioned? Are you a person who can enjoy Jazz Music or a person who is not really into it? Or depends on the music and who the singer is?

In the year 2011, I was starting to fall in love with Jazz Music. I feel the joy in hearing them out, any kinds of Jazz. As I was also kinda new to the world of Jazz Music (I’m not even a pro as Jazz Music Fan, lol, until now. Still learning as always), I explored many jazz singers, bought their CDs (no access to Spotify / music streaming platform, back then), and listening to their music—like, everyday. I used to think the arrangement flow of that music genre is always being stitched nicely, with variant music instruments. Unique.

Of all many CDs, today I found and choose SMOMA’s CD which I owned in 2011 to be mentioned in this blog, here is the photo of it:


Set up in 2000, this Italian Jazz Music live-trio Band has three members; Simona as lead singer with a unique and powerful voice, Tobia who plays bass – guitar – keyboards – and do arrangements, and Andy who plays trumpet.

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The songs have a lounge/chill vibe, but not at all exactly defining of a certain jazz genre. All is mixed into one melting-pot of genres and styles. The songs are arranged elegantly and chic. A ‘fashionable’ music arrangements as well.

SMOMA is usually perform in the most popular and trendy Italian clubs. Not forgetting to perform in the most important fashion conventions and events. One of the cool things, SMOMA used to partner with Maserati which using SMOMA’s arrangements to their past new launched sport car. “Eyes Without a Face” is one of the songs implied in that Maserati’s campaign, long time ago.

Listen to some preview of SMOMA's Top Tracks from Spotify, below.  My personal favorite song is "All Alone" :)
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